There was a time when 18 months away from peak basketball to compete in baseball, many orange ball fans were curious whether Michael Jordan would succeed in this field.

Imagine that someday, great football players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, after great successes in their careers, suddenly said goodbye to the ball because it was “no longer motivated”. That shock to the orange ball fans in the summer of 1993 was similar, when Michael Jordan announced his retirement.

Những điều Michael Jordan đã làm với bóng chày trong quãng thời gian nghỉ hưu lần đầu tiên - Ảnh 1.

At 31, having just won the “Triple” with the Chicago Bulls and achieved too many individual titles, Michael Michael “lost his motivation for basketball”? It is not difficult for fans to realize that his brother’s murder in the summer of 1993 had a great impact on the legend of the Chicago Bulls.
Retiring from basketball, Michael Jordan decided to join baseball, a sport his father always loved all his life. “He always wanted me to be a professional baseball player,” Michael Jordan said after his decision to join the Chicago White Sox at the American Professional Baseball League (MLB).
However, the beginning was not as smooth as people imagined. Michael Jordan received tons of suspicion and ridicule and ridicule from the media. They felt that he wanted to be a “special person” at age 31 in a completely unknown subject and would never be good enough to play at the highest level.

Những điều Michael Jordan đã làm với bóng chày trong quãng thời gian nghỉ hưu lần đầu tiên - Ảnh 2.

Just as basketball has made Michael Jordan’s name immortal, he did not let such disparages affect him during this professional baseball tournament.
Michael Jordan did not want to be a “special person”, nor did he want people to treat him with any privilege. He understood he was in another world, where he had never belonged. What Jordan wanted then, was just an effort to achieve success.
Michael Jordan persevered in training, absorbed everything useful that the coaches conveyed to him, and became progressive day by day. He put all his enthusiasm into baseball, in the same way, he trained to become an NBA star.

The training of Michael Jordan helped him gradually gain the trust of his teammates He gradually became a player capable of playing at the highest level at MLB. When Michael Jordan made his first home run on July 30, 1994, and leisurely ran towards the latch in the cheers of 14,000 spectators, he finally received recognition for all.
More specifically, Michael Jordan did it just one day before the death of his late father and nearly a year after his father’s death: “I wish he could be here, but I know that he still sees it in the sky “, Michael Jordan shared.

Although there have been reports of Michael Jordan coming to baseball because of an internal penalty that the late president David Stern gave him when he was involved in too many gambling and betting scandals in the past. Such scandals can completely affect the image of the NBA and many people will not let that happen.
However, no matter what reason Michael Jordan sought baseball, it is undeniable that the Chicago Bulls legend can still seek his own success in a sport he has given up for so long. since high school. Everything gradually stabilized with the ball, starting with the famous “I came back” fax in the spring of 1995.
Michael Jordan returned to the NBA and immediately led the Chicago Bulls to three other consecutive championships in 1996-1998. Many people have told themselves that it was baseball that helped stabilize Michael Jordan, helped him regain balance, and that without baseball, the basketball world would not have witnessed an almighty Michael Jordan. especially in later years in the NBA.