The most basic baseball rules to understand

Baseball field size
First, we have to talk about the size of the baseball field, not what the baseball field wants to design, but it must follow the baseball rules. Although, this sport has flexibility in the size of the pitch, as it depends on the form of play and the size of the game. But baseball rules still provide the most common size standard for baseball fields. It applies to both women’s baseball and men’s baseball in each major and small tournament and it is taken very seriously in the US.

The size of the baseball field is specified as follows, the baseball field must be a square, so that the four corners of the baseball field are very evenly arranged. For men’s baseball field, the length of each side of the court is 27.4 m. And that length drops to 18.2 m if it’s a women’s soccer field. The special thing is that surrounding this square yard will have an additional rotor shape, with the size up to 99 m on both sides and their two limited ends are connected by an arc, with a large radius. about 122 m. In professional baseball leagues, these numbers will often be used as an accurate index to build a qualified baseball field.

Tools while playing baseball

If football is a sport with an extremely simple tooling, just a uniform and a ball can be played. However, in baseball is different, baseball uses more tools such as baseball, gloves to play balls, bats. Therefore, it is also necessary to have the rules of baseball equipment in the rules of baseball to ensure fairness, as well as the attraction of this sport.

For baseball technology, there will be regulations on the materials that make them from mainly wood and wood. A standard club is usually made of those two materials and the length of the stick will range from 0.7 m to 1m. For best performance, the club must not weigh more than one pound. The shape of the club will gradually grow from the handle to the head of the club where the ball is in contact. At the widest part of the club, the diameter should not be larger than 5 cm, for those who want to adjust the handle for better friction, some small details can be used. As long as it doesn’t affect the weight and length of the baseball bat.
Next is the baseball, which will weigh about 0.15 kg and this ball has a diameter of about 6.8 cm diameter. The ball is round, the outside is covered with leather or some rubber material. The inside is definitely rubber, for big or professional matches, the quality of a baseball will be thoroughly tested. In essence, the new standard baseball helps athletes compete well and fairly. The match was thus more favorable.