Korean Baseball

A movie worth watching about Korean Baseball: Stove League


The Baseball Tournament is about a professional baseball team that has hit its peak in the past. But now they are just the bottom team. The team’s performance was getting worse and worse day-by-day, to the point that the fans had run out of tears. Things only started to change when the new General Manager took office, blowing new winds for the team.

Baek Seung-soo (actor Nam Goo-min)

Beak Seung-soo is appointed as the new General Manager of Dreams professional baseball team. As a cold person, Seung-soo always thinks “to live strong”. He used to work as a manager for wrestling teams, hockey, handball, and no team has ever passed his hand without winning a prize. Ironically, however, the teams he was in charge of were dissolved after winning, because the sponsoring company did not have enough budget to pay.

Finally, the opportunity also came to Seung-soo when he approached professional baseball, fertile land to make money in Korean professional sports. But life is once again joking with Seung-soo when the team he takes on is the bottom team. In the midst of Dreams’ professional baseball team, Seung-soo is expected to turn this situation around. However, in front of his eyes was the scene of the coaching staff arguing, fighting each other, players playing with a discrete formation, the audience was filled with disappointment at the play of their favorite team. Before that situation, Seung-soo proved to be a less talkative person, more often doing or speaking, considering work over affection. Whenever I say one is one, two is two, for him, there is never a compromise or flexibility. Seung-soo is determined and sure at work, his decisions always surprise and surprise others.

Lee Seo-young (actor Park Eun-bin)

Seo-young is the team’s operations manager, and is also the only and youngest female activity manager in the Korean professional baseball village. For her love of the team, Seo-yeon has been with Dreams for 10 years. Even though the team’s performance has bottomed out and the corporate funding has gradually dripped, she has never once left the team. What Seo-young fears the most is that she gets used to failure or giving up. At first she couldn’t understand Seung-soo, but gradually she realized the team’s ability to win thanks to the new General Manager’s current efforts. And then she suddenly realized that she was secretly admiring Seung-soo. Both gradually became effective assistants to each other.

Kwon Kyung-min (actor Oh Jeong-se)

Kwon Kyung-min is the grandson of Dreams professional baseball team director, currently the CFO of Jae Song Group. Unlike his uncle who is the director of Dreams baseball team but has no interest in managing the team, Kyung-min is always active to maintain Dreams. Although she can endure and be patient in front of her useless cousin, but Kyung-min can not stand Dreams club scene forever not escaping the bottom of the table. He feels annoyed and frustrated because Dreams always have to stand behind other teams, nothing changed, no different from the image of his biological father accepting a simple life. Ultimately, Kyung-min also recruits a new General Manager for the club, but unexpectedly all actions of Seung-soo are out of his expectations.

Han Jae-hee (starring Jo Byeong-gyu)

Jae-hee is a staff member of the professional baseball club management team, Dreams. He is the grandson of the chairman of a famous furniture business. Born in silk velvet, Jae-hee never had to think about what happiness is. Living carefree, only when the team loses the match and has to listen to Seo-young sigh, Jae-hee somewhat feels the desire to win. But that was not enough, and it wasn’t until Seung-woo appeared that the situation began to change, Jae-hee broke. He realized what he wanted to do, why he wanted to do it, and why he still wanted to stay with Seo-young to support the team. For the first time in her life, Jae-hee was aware of such a positive energy.