Robots replace people from craft to intelligence

Robots once used to replace unskilled workers, now threaten office workers, telephone operators, or control quality.
When looking at some hotels in the US these days, you’ll be greeted by a butler robot in the lobby and serving daily necessities. Even the website of Savioke, the company that designs the butler robot, noted “No Tipping”. Another robot can pave more than 3,000 bricks in an 8-hour shift, 10 times the amount a person can make. Robots can also sow seeds and harvest crops, separate bones and meat in slaughterhouses, and pack food in processing facilities.

Robot quản gia Jarvis đang được sử dụng tại khách sạn Grand Hotel, California. Ảnh: Time.

The more the development, the more automation turns the factory into a place without people. In 1964, America’s most valuable company, AT&T, owned 758,611 employees. Today, Apple has only 137,000 employees and is still among the number one.
The US government encourages companies to implement automation by reducing taxes on machines and software. If a business paid $ 100 to an employee, they would have to pay $ 30 in taxes. If they use this $ 100 to buy automation equipment, they will pay only $ 3 in tax. The 2017 US Tax Cut and Employment Act reduced the tax on purchases to the point where “you can make money buying equipment.”
In the field of artificial intelligence, many seemingly irreplaceable jobs are witnessing the rise of machines. JPMorgan finance company said it is implementing an AI system to review commercial loan agreements. The complex work that requires about 360,000 hours a year of lawyers is completed by AI in seconds.
Last May, Microsoft suffered a severe ad revenue deficit at the MSN and Microsoft News platforms. It immediately fired many journalists and used AI to scan and process news. In the same move, media group iHeartMedia has also quit a series of DJs to take advantage of its AI technology.
AI is also becoming a potential option for companies during an outbreak. Many recycling facilities in the US have laid off many employees to use artificial intelligence robots to sort plastic, paper and glass. AMP Robotics, the company that makes these robots, says customer inquiries have increased at least fivefold between March and June. Last year, only 35 recycling facilities were using AMP Robotics, but it is expected. by the end of 2020, this number will reach nearly 100.

Watson Assistant là công cụ AI của IBM, dùng để xây dựng giao diện đàm thoại trên các ứng dụng và thiết bị.

Pokorny has been using IBM’s Watson Assistant free trial since the early days of the pandemic. The AI-powered software allows the chat to be set up, answering questions from citizens, such as whether the National Baseball Hall in Cooperstown has reopened. Now, Watson can answer 75% of the questions people ask. According to Pokorny, each conversation costs only $ 0.01 for the Otsego district. Although the county currently only uses AI for online messaging, it plans to deploy a Watson virtual assistant to answer phone calls in the near future.
According to the National Association of Information Directors, there are currently about 36 states in the US that have deployed chatbots to answer questions about pandemic and government services.