Korean baseball bans fans on the field … eating, singing, and cheering!

The organizers of the Korean baseball tournament (KBO) have issued a series of strict rules to eliminate all habits of the audience on the field to watch matches in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Giải bóng chày Hàn Quốc sẽ cho phép khán giả trở lại sân với những quy định nghiêm ngặt /// REUTERS

Stripping away the right to drink beer, enjoy fried chicken and the cheering of Korean baseball fans while watching the country’s most popular sport was unimaginable during the Covid-19 epidemic . However, KBL – Korea’s top baseball tournament, on June 30 had to impose these “unimaginable” restrictions before fans returned to the stadium.

Bóng chày Hàn Quốc cấm CĐV trên sân… ăn uống, hát mừng và cổ vũ!  - ảnh 1

Nearly two months ago, KBL was one of the first tournaments in the world to return to play behind closed doors thanks to South Korea controlling the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. But now a limited audience is expected to be allowed to return to the field in the coming days.
According to the local press, the safety precautions announced by KBO will transform the baseball experience of the Korean audience, who always cheer and sing while dancing regardless of the match. Thanks to the free alcohol and fried chicken.
Following the tournament’s new safety guidelines, spectators will have to sit in one place and wear a mask all the time; Eating while sitting is prohibited, while drinks are limited and non-alcoholic. “Singing, dancing and cheering involving physical contact will be banned because they can spread water droplets. Beer and chicken will still be available at the stadium, but will have to be consumed away from the audience. the radio, in a very hidden part of the yard – and everyone will have to be within 1 meter of each other, ”according to the KBO regulations. will be forced to return.

Bóng chày Hàn Quốc cấm CĐV trên sân… ăn uống, hát mừng và cổ vũ!  - ảnh 2

No cases of Covid-19 infection have been confirmed among athletes or training staff from 10 competing teams to date. The tournament is preparing fans to return despite what the government has warned of a second wave of infection in recent weeks, with about 30 new cases a day, mostly in the Seoul metropolitan area.
Of the 43 new cases reported on June 30 – bringing the total to 12,800 cases in South Korea – 23 people were infected domestically and 20 from abroad.

Japanese baseball team uses robots instead of fans

The COVID-19 epidemic has left most public events, including music and sports events, in the world … unorganized. However, when the epidemic cooled down in many countries, daily life in normal conditions was returning. In Japan, the Nippon Professional Baseball League has officially kicked off.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 1.

However, not many stadiums allow spectators to watch live matches until at least July 10, so the teams have replaced different icons in the stands. For SoftBank Hawks, owned by Japanese tech giant SoftBank, Pepper robots seem to be quite an interesting choice. The robots wear team shirts and look like supportive fans.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 2.
Pepper robots have been introduced in the stands
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 3.
In the audience, Pepper wore a shirt with the symbol of SoftBank Hawks
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 4.
Pepper is one of the popular products of SoftBank
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 5.

At the same time, fans of Rakuten Eagles, the rival team, watch the game on the big screen but still maintain social distance.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 6.

This robot is also used for a variety of purposes to combat COVID-19 in Japan, including working at hotels where COVID-19 patients are staying.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 7.

Although not attending the match, fans can leave cheerleading messages on the rows.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 8.

Other teams, such as Orix Buffaloes, put stuffed animals in empty stands.

Many American baseball players are miserable

Baseball is the 2nd richest sport in the world. However, during the Covid-19 season, there are baseball players who have to complain about the risk of starvation before being affected by the disease.

Nhiều cầu thủ bóng chày Mỹ đang... chết đói

According to the statistics of Rulesofsport, in the 10 richest sports in the world, baseball is ranked at No. 2 and is also expected to rise to No. 1 in the future. Statistics show that the average salary of baseball village up to 3.82 million USD / year.
For comparison, the average salary in the Premier League is only $ 1.6 million / year. The only sport richer than baseball is basketball, with an average annual salary of $ 4.9 million. Texas Rodriguez’s Alex Rodriguez earned $ 33 million in 2019. Meanwhile, the brand value of the New York Yankees baseball team amounted to $ 4.6 billion.
However, going into the baseball village to see the prosperity in the newspaper is not for all. Somewhere in the American baseball village, many players are joking that they can “starve to death before the disease”. It is a harsh fact that without Covid-19, very few people know this truth.

Mitch Horacek sẽ không đủ tiền thuê nhà nếu giải đấu tiếp tục dừng trong 3 tháng tới

The wealth of the American baseball village only focuses on the big players playing at the MLB (the highest baseball league in the US). However, in lower leagues, such as MiLB, for example, there are players who are struggling with an allowance of only … 10 USD / day in the time of non-competition
And when the stadium lights, their salary is only between 1,200 USD – 2,400 USD / month, lower than the average income of Americans. John O’Reilly of the Rutgers baseball team is an example. After the MiLB was closed, O’Reilly was not economically strong enough to stay in the city. He had to carry luggage back at his parents’ home in New Jersey.

The American Professional Baseball League (MLB) brings together many international players from CH Dominica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, and many other countries. However, these people are currently having difficulty in the process of entering the US to focus on the team due to the government tightening immigration procedures because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Some people are still facing financial difficulties as the host club announces that they will suspend the payment of wages because they are no longer playing.

Pop queen Jennifer Lopez spends $ 2 billion on the New York Mets baseball team

According to The New York Post, Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Alex Rodriguez, a former US baseball star, are teaming up with JPMorgan Chase bank in an effort to buy the New York Mets for more than $ 2 billion.

The acquisition of the New York Mets team if successful, according to The New York Post, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will also become the “queen” and the new “king” in American sports.

Cặp vợ chồng Jennifer Lopez và Alex Rodriguez sắp sở hữu đội bóng chày New York Mets /// Chụp màn hình

Jennifer Lopez now owns an estimated fortune of more than $ 400 million, while her husband, Alex Rodriguez also has a similar fortune (more than $ 350 million) after playing for famous baseball teams like New. York Yankees, Texas Rangers, and Seattle Mariners from 1994 to 2016.
The couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating since February 2017 and engaged in March 2019. They planned to hold a lavish wedding recently but had to postpone it because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Earlier this May, the couple and their investors approached the board of the New York Mets team with an offer to buy the team, but were rejected.

Nữ hoàng nhạc pop Jennifer Lopez chi 2 tỉ USD mua đội bóng chày New York Mets - ảnh 1

However, the deal was recently resumed after business owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon, the owners of the baseball team, began to “inflict” financial losses because the postponed season caused great damage, and The team is also falling into a spiral of debt.
Therefore, the owners of the New York Mets are planning to sell the team. Jennifer Lopez and her husband and investors decided to “pump” hundreds of millions of dollars into a deal jointly supported by JPMorgan Chase bank to soon complete the acquisition of a baseball team valued at more than $ 2 billion.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will spend huge sums of money on the New York Mets deal and will be the new owners, alongside investors backing them.
The pair Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, if running the New York Mets baseball team, will also create a new trend between entertainment and sports.
In particular, Alex Rodriguez is too knowledgeable about baseball with more than 22 years of experience in the MLB career, and Jennifer Lopez with a reputation in the music and entertainment industry, more than enough to drag fans to the field.

Baseball – lost symbol in America?

Once upon a time, referring to baseball as mentioning America, or at least American sports. But this subject has gradually lost that image, although still popular.

Bóng chày - biểu tượng thất truyền tại Mỹ?

So far, Marilyn Monroe is still a symbol of beauty and charm in the United States. Whoever conquered the heart of Monroe? A baseball player.
Glorious past
The US sports market is huge and each sport has its own appeal, a unique golden age. Baseball was the same way, in the early twentieth century.
The Guardian newspaper (UK) last week revisited the history of baseball, and found that in the period just turned to the twentieth century, baseball was famous enough to be considered as the main sport of Americans. These players play this game, so almost “famous as the way an athlete simply could not be more famous”.
In the 1920s, baseball fans could swim for hundreds of miles just to see a flesh-and-blood Babe Ruth. The New York Daily News hired a journalist just to write about … Ruth, and only Ruth, for 365 days a year.

The stars of this baton and running club, for example, Ruth, became an idol not only as an athlete, but almost “canonized”. And the World Series is even more so than the football World Cup. It is a congress.
If today’s football superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo were to be paired with a great beauty, in the old days, Joe DiMaggio’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe was a testament to the position of baseball stars.

Worrying reality
Sadly, baseball, after influencing factors throughout history, has declined in the image and is no longer occupying a unique position in American sports. Even if this year’s World Series kicked off with the participation of some of the most prestigious teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, it couldn’t change the fact that rugby – the NFL, was the traditional subject. valid for more than 10 years.
A little bit of statistics can bring more or less optimism to baseball fans, as the tournament is still quite rich. Game 7 of the World Series taking place in 2016 is estimated to have 40.05 million followers. It was the pinnacle of baseball in the last 25 years, with an audience that is 70% higher than the 2014 World Series Game 7 final. Sales of the American Professional Baseball League (MLB) in 2016 reached about 10 billion USD, which has increased continuously for 14 years.

Quái kiệt” né bóng ngả người ảo như "Ma trận”: Khán giả ngỡ ngàng

However, compared to the Super Bowl – now an iconic show that goes beyond rugby, the baseball audience is still inferior. The Super Bowl 2016 attracted 111.3 million views when the New England Patriots battled the Atlanta Falcons. Factors that make baseball anxious and rugby confident lie in the demographics.
Baseball is thought to be pale in the eyes of young people, and without the participation of many African American communities at major tournaments. In other words, a number of immigration rules in the past have made baseball into a state of past, not diversified players, so it lost many audience members. The exact opposite of what happened with rugby or basketball today, which are sports that represent American solidarity regardless of their background.
Steven Goldman, a baseball writer and historical researcher, asserts that immigrants have changed the face of America. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that baseball has” naturalized “for previous generations, taught them a lot about American customs.” But Mr. Goldman also thinks that factor has weakened today, and That’s why even though baseball is strong, its future in America is gray …

The most basic baseball rules to understand

Baseball field size
First, we have to talk about the size of the baseball field, not what the baseball field wants to design, but it must follow the baseball rules. Although, this sport has flexibility in the size of the pitch, as it depends on the form of play and the size of the game. But baseball rules still provide the most common size standard for baseball fields. It applies to both women’s baseball and men’s baseball in each major and small tournament and it is taken very seriously in the US.

The size of the baseball field is specified as follows, the baseball field must be a square, so that the four corners of the baseball field are very evenly arranged. For men’s baseball field, the length of each side of the court is 27.4 m. And that length drops to 18.2 m if it’s a women’s soccer field. The special thing is that surrounding this square yard will have an additional rotor shape, with the size up to 99 m on both sides and their two limited ends are connected by an arc, with a large radius. about 122 m. In professional baseball leagues, these numbers will often be used as an accurate index to build a qualified baseball field.

Tools while playing baseball

If football is a sport with an extremely simple tooling, just a uniform and a ball can be played. However, in baseball is different, baseball uses more tools such as baseball, gloves to play balls, bats. Therefore, it is also necessary to have the rules of baseball equipment in the rules of baseball to ensure fairness, as well as the attraction of this sport.

For baseball technology, there will be regulations on the materials that make them from mainly wood and wood. A standard club is usually made of those two materials and the length of the stick will range from 0.7 m to 1m. For best performance, the club must not weigh more than one pound. The shape of the club will gradually grow from the handle to the head of the club where the ball is in contact. At the widest part of the club, the diameter should not be larger than 5 cm, for those who want to adjust the handle for better friction, some small details can be used. As long as it doesn’t affect the weight and length of the baseball bat.
Next is the baseball, which will weigh about 0.15 kg and this ball has a diameter of about 6.8 cm diameter. The ball is round, the outside is covered with leather or some rubber material. The inside is definitely rubber, for big or professional matches, the quality of a baseball will be thoroughly tested. In essence, the new standard baseball helps athletes compete well and fairly. The match was thus more favorable.

Baseball star jailed for disgusting action

Felipe Vazquez is a talented pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates of the American Professional League (MLB). According to the Dodger Blue, Felipe Vazquez earned a salary of 22 million USD / season with a bonus of 10 million USD if helping the team reached the top 5-6 of the MLS tournament. However, the pitcher from Venezuela has a bad habit and is about to pay a heavy price because of his disgusting action.

m m

The Triblive newspaper reported that Felipe Vazquez has just received a series of allegations involving minors from the St. Louis court. Louis (Missouri, USA). Case files provided in February said Felipe Vazquez sent a series of “hot” photos and videos of himself to a 15-year-old girl.
According to police investigations, the day of the incident was also the day Felipe Vazquez excelled in helping the Pittsburgh Pirates win against Club St. Louis Cardinals. It seems that this player celebrated a bit too much.

MLB's best explain the challenge of facing Felipe Vazquez ...

However, police further investigated and discovered that Felipe Vazquez had sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in 2017. This caused anger and frustration for many people when this information was released. announced.
Currently, Felipe Vazquez is being detained by the authorities and the judge has stripped him of his bail. Venezuela’s players will have to wait until 23/6 to attend the hearing to know their fate.
According to defense lawyers, Felipe Vazquez was “trapped” in 2017 when the girl associated with the pitcher lied her age. However, Felipe Vazquez needs to present convincing evidence at the next hearing if he does not want to be “sentenced” to prison.

What Michael Jordan did with baseball during his first retirement

There was a time when 18 months away from peak basketball to compete in baseball, many orange ball fans were curious whether Michael Jordan would succeed in this field.

Imagine that someday, great football players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, after great successes in their careers, suddenly said goodbye to the ball because it was “no longer motivated”. That shock to the orange ball fans in the summer of 1993 was similar, when Michael Jordan announced his retirement.

Những điều Michael Jordan đã làm với bóng chày trong quãng thời gian nghỉ hưu lần đầu tiên - Ảnh 1.

At 31, having just won the “Triple” with the Chicago Bulls and achieved too many individual titles, Michael Michael “lost his motivation for basketball”? It is not difficult for fans to realize that his brother’s murder in the summer of 1993 had a great impact on the legend of the Chicago Bulls.
Retiring from basketball, Michael Jordan decided to join baseball, a sport his father always loved all his life. “He always wanted me to be a professional baseball player,” Michael Jordan said after his decision to join the Chicago White Sox at the American Professional Baseball League (MLB).
However, the beginning was not as smooth as people imagined. Michael Jordan received tons of suspicion and ridicule and ridicule from the media. They felt that he wanted to be a “special person” at age 31 in a completely unknown subject and would never be good enough to play at the highest level.

Những điều Michael Jordan đã làm với bóng chày trong quãng thời gian nghỉ hưu lần đầu tiên - Ảnh 2.

Just as basketball has made Michael Jordan’s name immortal, he did not let such disparages affect him during this professional baseball tournament.
Michael Jordan did not want to be a “special person”, nor did he want people to treat him with any privilege. He understood he was in another world, where he had never belonged. What Jordan wanted then, was just an effort to achieve success.
Michael Jordan persevered in training, absorbed everything useful that the coaches conveyed to him, and became progressive day by day. He put all his enthusiasm into baseball, in the same way, he trained to become an NBA star.

The training of Michael Jordan helped him gradually gain the trust of his teammates He gradually became a player capable of playing at the highest level at MLB. When Michael Jordan made his first home run on July 30, 1994, and leisurely ran towards the latch in the cheers of 14,000 spectators, he finally received recognition for all.
More specifically, Michael Jordan did it just one day before the death of his late father and nearly a year after his father’s death: “I wish he could be here, but I know that he still sees it in the sky “, Michael Jordan shared.

Although there have been reports of Michael Jordan coming to baseball because of an internal penalty that the late president David Stern gave him when he was involved in too many gambling and betting scandals in the past. Such scandals can completely affect the image of the NBA and many people will not let that happen.
However, no matter what reason Michael Jordan sought baseball, it is undeniable that the Chicago Bulls legend can still seek his own success in a sport he has given up for so long. since high school. Everything gradually stabilized with the ball, starting with the famous “I came back” fax in the spring of 1995.
Michael Jordan returned to the NBA and immediately led the Chicago Bulls to three other consecutive championships in 1996-1998. Many people have told themselves that it was baseball that helped stabilize Michael Jordan, helped him regain balance, and that without baseball, the basketball world would not have witnessed an almighty Michael Jordan. especially in later years in the NBA.

King sports in Japan

In Japan, football is also a sport that receives a lot of attention, admiration and is growing very quickly. However, football is not the most popular sport in Japan, but the most popular sport, the largest spectator watching here is baseball.

Professional baseball in Japan began in 1937. However, baseball was known in Japan more than half a century ago. By the 1870s, baseball was introduced to Japan by some American teachers and professors as a tool to show off the physical and intellectual strength of the players. In the first tournament, there was only one professional tournament and 8 teams competed in two seasons: spring and autumn. In 1950, the tournament was expanded to 14 participating teams and from here it was split into two separate leagues with a number of teams from the old one to the new one. After many years, some teams have changed their names compared to the original.
Seven of the 11 stadiums were built between 1988 and 1999. (The Giants and Fighters teams shared the Tokyo Dome). 6 of these are grass courts: running paths, throws covered with sandy soil; The rest is grass. A yard measures 309-320 feet along the lines, 340-350 feet to the right or left straightaway, 360-365 feet to the gaps, and 400 to the dead center. All yards have fences 13 feet high separating players and the audience.

Luật bóng chày mới nhất và các thuật ngữ của bộ môn bóng chày ...

Until 2000, teams usually played 130 to 135 games a season. However, from the 2001 football season to the present, teams played 140 matches in a season. The matches will determine the winner or loser after 9 rounds (回). In each round, two teams will take turns fighting and defending: one team fights and one defending team. After the team has beaten 3 players out, the two teams will switch positions to continue. The first leg of each round is called the Omote (表), while the second leg is called Ura (裏 or ウ ラ). After 9 rounds, if the winner is not determined, the match will last until the winner. However, if after 15 rounds, the match is still not decided, the match will be counted as a Draw (Hikiwake: 引 き 分 け). Teams in the Central League and Pacific League do not play against each other except at the star matches (all-star games) and the Japan Championship match (Japan Series).

Each Central League and Pacific League season will select 28 best players to form 2 teams to play against each other. Of the 28 players in the Central League, the fans voted 11 players, the remaining 17 were chosen by the coaches. In the Pacific League, the fans are elected 12 players (one more DH player), the number of coaches voted. These star teams compete in 2 or 3 matches at the beginning of July in different fields to win. Each team player will be playing in several rounds of several matches. After each game season, about 200 experts will vote to select the 9 best players in 9 positions on each field of each match. Award for the title of “Best Nine Awards”.

In addition to awards such as the Golden Glove, the Best Player (MVP: Most Valuable Player), or the Rookie of the Year (Rookie of the Year) like the American professional award, the Japanese professional award also awarded. Sawamura Award for the best starting pitcher from the start of the game. This player must be the pitcher who takes the most rounds and has the most wins. However, this award will not be awarded if the best player is not selected. About 40% of the MVP awards are awarded to handball players. The MVP award is usually chosen from the players of the two winning teams and is often chosen from the Central League champion.

The Korean baseball tournament uses ‘artwork’ instead of the audience

Since spectators were not allowed to go to the stadium, some clubs tried to ‘fill’ the empty seats in the stands.
On 5/5, the annual Korean professional baseball tournament (KBO League) kicked off with 5 matches between 10 teams, starting at 14h (local time). This season is scheduled to open on March 28 but has been delayed for 5 weeks due to the influence of Covid-19. This is the first year that the KBO League has taken place without a live audience.
During the opening match, which took place at Incheon’s Munhak Baseball Stadium, the SK Wyverns printed a picture of the crowd cheering to cover the corners of the stands, as they hosted the Hanwha Eagles. In another match between KT Wiz and Kiwoom Heroes, the first pitch was not taken directly as usual, but complied with the “social spacing” rule. The girls in the cheerleading group dance before the opening time wearing masks. In addition, a giant led screen playing regulations to keep safe during a pandemic was also shown continuously throughout the match.

Giải bóng chày Hàn Quốc dùng ảnh minh họa che kín khán đài

KBO League organizers said they still plan to host all 144 matches of the season, from now until October.
This is one of the first major professional sports in the world to return to play between Covid-19. The organizers have implemented a series of measures to keep the stadium safe and require all players and coaches to test their body temperature before playing.
Viewers are banned from going to the field to watch live until the risk of infection in South Korea drops to its lowest level. Players are prohibited from throwing their hands to celebrate, chewing smokeless tobacco, and wearing masks when queuing before the competition. In addition, referees and coaches also must wear masks during the game. If any of the club members are positive for nCoV during the season, the tournament will be suspended for at least three weeks.

Màn hình led chiếu các quy định giữ an toàn trong thời Covid-19. Ảnh: AP.

In Daegu, the city that was once the focal point of Covid-19 in South Korea, the Samsung Lions home team used a giant led screen to play video messages from players, celebrities and fans to thank the players. Doctors and medical staff have been fighting against the disease.
On the morning of 5/5, South Korea reported 3 new cases, the lowest daily increase since Covid-19 broke out in late February. So far, this East Asian country has recorded 10,804 positive cases with nCoV, of which 254 deaths, 9,283 recovering.