Rescue the mother of a kidnapped American baseball star

Ms. Ana Soto (72 years old) was kidnapped on Thursday August 8 in her hometown of Maracaibo, western Venezuela. According to the initial investigation, while talking to neighbors in the workers’ neighborhood, Mrs. Soto was dragged into the car by a group of men driving a truck and then drove away. According to Soto, at that time her son, Elias Diaz, had just left about 15 minutes after returning to visit his mother before returning to Florida for spring training. After learning the bad news, Diaz declares to accept all the conditions as long as her mother is safe.

The special forces tracked down the tracks and found Ms. Soto held in the home of a police officer, not far from the city. The examination results at a nearby hospital showed that Ms. Soto’s health was good. Mr. Douglas Rico, who is in charge of the police investigation force of Venezuela, posted on Twitter a picture of Soto being fed and drunk after being successfully rescued. Mr. Rico also revealed that the family did not lose any of the ransom.

Six people (5 of whom are Zulia state police officers) were arrested for their involvement in Soto’s kidnapping. It is worth mentioning that one of the police officers arrested was Ms. Soto’s neighbor. These people had”provided all necessary information” to conduct the abduction above.

Sports stars with good salaries are always the target of lucrative kidnapping in Venezuela and South American countries. So the MLB football teams regularly warn Venezuelan athletes to be cautious when returning home because sports stars and their relatives are always a favorite target of kidnappers.

In 2011, Wilson Ramos – who captured the ball for the Washington Nationals Club, was kidnapped while visiting his family in the city of Valencia (Venezuela). A few days later, the athlete was rescued by security forces from his high mountain confinement. Last year, baseball player Juan Manaure’s 15-year-old son was kidnapped and killed during Manaure’s Christmas vacation in his hometown.

Kidnapping in Venezuela has skyrocketed over the years as the economic crisis in the country has worsened. The State Department has also issued warnings that cross-border violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking and smuggling are frequent in the state of Zulia, where Ms. Soto is kidnapped, as well as in Tachira and Apure.

The baseball legend owns a valuable car collection

Former 71-year-old Reggie Jackson- a famous baseball sportsman, who likes to collect antique cars, has a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 worth £ 20 million.

The American baseball legend is the owner of about 100 antique cars, but a massive fire in 2013 destroyed 35 cars worth two million pounds. The 71-year-old still has many other antique cars, most of which are from Chevrolet (about 50) and regularly participate in auctions to buy more. Reggie Jackson has 25 cars at the main villa in Seaside, California, 6 at another home in Carmel and 25 at Monterey Airport. The Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 in his collection costs up to 20 million pounds. It is estimated that the total value of the 71-year-old veterans cars is about £ 50 million, topping the list of sports stars with respectable car collections according to The Sun.

Ranked second on the list is a familiar and cult name, former boxer Floyd Mayweather with a car collection worth £ 8 million. ‘Lonely alone’ owns one of the largest supercars in the world. The 40-year-old has a collection of white Miami cars and black cars in Las Vegas.

The most expensive car in Mayweather’s garage was the Koenigsegg Trevita bought for £ 2.7 million. However, in August, Mayweather had to sell this rare car for two million pounds at an auction to pay taxes. However, the heavyweight boxing champion still has a few Rolls-Royce’s, Ferrari and Bugatti, other super luxury cars.

In 2015, Mayweather made people ‘squint’ when showing off eight supercars worth 4.5 million pounds. These including three Bugatti Veyron (each worth more than one million pounds) and a private jet of 1.5 million pounds.

With a car collection worth 6 million pounds, Jenson Button is the third. He is also the British athlete with the highest ranking. The 2009 F1 champion is worth more than £ 100 million and he also has a hobby of luxury cars. Button owns a Bugatti Veyron (£ 1.1 million), a McLaren P1 (£ 1.9 million – pictured) and several Ferrari cars including a £ 1 million Enzo Ferrari.

A baseball player is hospitalized in an emergency after being hit by a ball

The unfortunate situation took place in the baseball match between Toronto Blue and Philadelphia Phillies held on August 20. In a defensive phase, Jose Alvarez (Phillies) was unfortunately hit by the ball flying at 170 km / h.
The 31-year-old still struggled to pick up the ball and throw it back to a teammate before lying down on the pitch painfully. “This is a scene none of us want to see,” said the match commentator.

The medical team quickly stepped in. Alvarez was then taken to hospital in an ambulance. A few hours ago, the Venezuelan athlete made the audience reassured by the latest update on his personal page.
“The ball hit my sensitive part. It felt hard to act at the time. But right now, I am a lot better. Hope, things are back to normal in a few days.” According to British media, Alvarez is considering wearing protective gear when he returns.

On the social network, many fans send their best wishes to Alvarez. Others also expressed their admiration when they saw Alvarez ignore the pain to help the home team not lose points.
Unfortunately for Alvarez, Philadelphia Phillies lost to their opponents with a narrow score of 3-2 in the last match.

Robots replace people from craft to intelligence

Robots once used to replace unskilled workers, now threaten office workers, telephone operators, or control quality.
When looking at some hotels in the US these days, you’ll be greeted by a butler robot in the lobby and serving daily necessities. Even the website of Savioke, the company that designs the butler robot, noted “No Tipping”. Another robot can pave more than 3,000 bricks in an 8-hour shift, 10 times the amount a person can make. Robots can also sow seeds and harvest crops, separate bones and meat in slaughterhouses, and pack food in processing facilities.

Robot quản gia Jarvis đang được sử dụng tại khách sạn Grand Hotel, California. Ảnh: Time.

The more the development, the more automation turns the factory into a place without people. In 1964, America’s most valuable company, AT&T, owned 758,611 employees. Today, Apple has only 137,000 employees and is still among the number one.
The US government encourages companies to implement automation by reducing taxes on machines and software. If a business paid $ 100 to an employee, they would have to pay $ 30 in taxes. If they use this $ 100 to buy automation equipment, they will pay only $ 3 in tax. The 2017 US Tax Cut and Employment Act reduced the tax on purchases to the point where “you can make money buying equipment.”
In the field of artificial intelligence, many seemingly irreplaceable jobs are witnessing the rise of machines. JPMorgan finance company said it is implementing an AI system to review commercial loan agreements. The complex work that requires about 360,000 hours a year of lawyers is completed by AI in seconds.
Last May, Microsoft suffered a severe ad revenue deficit at the MSN and Microsoft News platforms. It immediately fired many journalists and used AI to scan and process news. In the same move, media group iHeartMedia has also quit a series of DJs to take advantage of its AI technology.
AI is also becoming a potential option for companies during an outbreak. Many recycling facilities in the US have laid off many employees to use artificial intelligence robots to sort plastic, paper and glass. AMP Robotics, the company that makes these robots, says customer inquiries have increased at least fivefold between March and June. Last year, only 35 recycling facilities were using AMP Robotics, but it is expected. by the end of 2020, this number will reach nearly 100.

Watson Assistant là công cụ AI của IBM, dùng để xây dựng giao diện đàm thoại trên các ứng dụng và thiết bị.

Pokorny has been using IBM’s Watson Assistant free trial since the early days of the pandemic. The AI-powered software allows the chat to be set up, answering questions from citizens, such as whether the National Baseball Hall in Cooperstown has reopened. Now, Watson can answer 75% of the questions people ask. According to Pokorny, each conversation costs only $ 0.01 for the Otsego district. Although the county currently only uses AI for online messaging, it plans to deploy a Watson virtual assistant to answer phone calls in the near future.
According to the National Association of Information Directors, there are currently about 36 states in the US that have deployed chatbots to answer questions about pandemic and government services.

Banned for life, model Julia Rose “challenges” the American professional baseball tournament

Last November, Julia Rose and her friend Lauren Summer were banned from the field by the American professional baseball tournament (MLB), due to two beauties showing their bare breasts while watching the Washington Nationals match against the Houston Astros.

Hai người mẫu Julia Rose và Lauren Summer tuyên bố sẽ trở lại sân bất chấp lệnh cấm suốt đời của MLB /// Chụp màn hình

Julia Rose, a 26-year-old American model, then wrote on social media Twitter explaining her actions are for wanting to raise awareness against women’s breast cancer.
Therefore, she reacted strongly to the MLB organizers’ penalty which was an “incriminating” act and was very severe, being banned from the field for life.
However, MLB officials said that Julia Rose and Lauren Summer violated the rules of conduct of fans when watching baseball, or sports tournaments.
In addition, exposing the body in public is a lack of standards, as well as intended to promote for private purposes.
MLB then issued a ban on the beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer from all competitions, training, and events of MLB for life.
Regardless, the MLB system tournament is currently delayed due to the Covid-19 translation and will resume in November, two beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer have announced that they will return to the courts if they give. audience back.

Bị cấm suốt đời, người mẫu Julia Rose

Julia Rose said she acted for the sake of the community and for women to raise awareness against breast cancer, so she defied the unreasonable ban by the MLB.
Also thanks to the shocking incident at the World Series 2019 in MLB’s system, Julia Rose is now very famous on the social network Instagram has more than 4.7 million followers.
Similarly, model Lauren Summer, who took pictures for Playboy magazine, increased her followers from 1.5 million to 2.5 million.

Bị cấm suốt đời, người mẫu Julia Rose

Both the beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer are currently in isolation because the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in the US, and have just “entertained” their fans with a set of hot photos, with a statement challenging the sentence. MLB penalty and will return to the court when authorized.

Dramatic baseball world in the 20th century

On the occasion of the 2020 baseball season, readers also have the opportunity to see the classic baseball space throughout the 20th century.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 1

Sharing the project of coloring the classic baseball photos, artist Mark Truelove said: “Most of these baseball photos belong to the great collection of the Library of Congress, I color them with software. Adobe Photoshop and each image can take from 2 to 10 hours depending on the complexity of the image.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 2

Mark Truelove began coloring black and white photos in 2012, starting with his own family photos and then moving on to Canadian historical photos. He sees this as a way to learn more about the country’s history after his family moved from Canada to Canada in 2001.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 3

The coloring of historical photographs helped him carry out a World War I project with the Vimy Foundation and later published a book in 2018, containing more than 100 photos of the war, from an angle. view of canada.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 4

In 2016, Mark Truelove wanted another challenge and began coloring baseball photos from 1900 to 1930.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 5

Writing on his personal Twitter page, Truelove said: “I do this mainly because I love the difference of fans … I love all their different expressions and attitudes! I can’t find the exact colors of the Usher team uniforms, if you know what they are, please share them with me. ”

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 6

Parade at home match between NY Giants and Brooklyn Robins at Polo Grounds in New York on April 16, 1918.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 7

A close-up of competition at Griffith Stadium, Washington DC in 1925.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 8

An referee in a protective hat in Toronto, Ohio circa 1945.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 9

Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, circa 1912.

Anh bong chay the ky 20 anh 10

Boston Red Sox players travel on a street by car in Los Angeles in 1911.

Korean viewers have been cheering on professional baseball games since July 26

The South Korean government has begun allowing spectators to cheer on pro baseball games from July 26, with a 10% limit on seats in the stands.
Thus, after 82 days, ie nearly 3 months of professional baseball matches taking place without spectators from 5/5, this measure has gradually been relaxed.
All cheerleaders and spectators must wear masks, perform physical movements to support the teams instead of chanting slogans. However, tickets were sold out in less than an hour after opening, reflecting the heat of the matches.

Khán giả Hàn Quốc được đến cổ vũ các trận bóng chày chuyên nghiệp từ 26/7

According to the instruction of the translation room, the audience was checked for body temperature, scanned the electronic QR code to confirm personal information at the entrance to the stands. Viewers are also not allowed to bring food into the stands but only eat and drink at designated areas. Couples and families are all seated one seat apart. However, because the public had to queue in a long line to enter the stands, it was difficult for the organizers to keep a distance of 1-2 m between the audience, and it was hard to prevent the audience from shouting at the thrilling minutes. of the match.

Huyền thoại bóng chày Nhật Bản đến Thành phố Mới Bình Dương ...

In addition, starting August 1, professional football matches will start allowing the audience to cheer with a limited scale of 10% of seats in the stands. Professional golf matches will continue to be played without spectators until the end of August, after that, depending on how the COVID-19 translation will consider whether the audience will cheer or not.
The government is expected to gradually allow spectators to cheer on professional sports matches, provided that they strictly adhere to the epidemic prevention principles.

Vietnam crossed out 20 competitive games of SEA Games 30

After the recent meeting between Vietnamese sports officials and the 31st SEA Games organizing committee, the parties reached a consensus to hold 36 sports at the games which will take place from November 21 to February 2. 12/2021.

Việt Nam gạch bỏ 20 môn thi đấu của SEA Games 30 hình ảnh

Of these, there will be 2 compulsory competitions are athletics and water sports. Besides, SEA Games 31 will have 26 Olympic and ASIAD subjects such as football, cycling, shooting, … In addition, Vietnam also selects 8 other sports which are traditional of Southeast Asia.
So compared to the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines one year ago, the conference had a record number of sports – 56 subjects, then SEA Games 31 will eliminate up to 20 sports.
The competitions at SEA Games 30 were cut like: martial arts sticks, skateboarding, obstacle course, jiu-jitsu, esports, sailing, soft tennis, 3 triathlon, sambo, windsurfing, 5 current triathlon college, baseball, rugby, softball, ….

Tin tức Bóng chày mới nhất và cập nhật -

With this change, the Filipino sports delegation is expected to lose about 58 gold medals compared to the 2019 Games. Not only the Philippines, some other countries like Malaysia are estimated to lose 18 gold medals compared to SEA Games 30 when some strong sports were cut.
And recently the Malaysian Olympic Council (OCM) has said it will make a request to add eight more subjects at the SEA Games next year, which will be hosted by Vietnam: sambo, cricket, boating, netball, lawn. ball (a kind of ball-throw competition), indoor hockey, squash and seven-a-side rugby (a variation of rugby).

Korean baseball bans fans on the field … eating, singing, and cheering!

The organizers of the Korean baseball tournament (KBO) have issued a series of strict rules to eliminate all habits of the audience on the field to watch matches in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Giải bóng chày Hàn Quốc sẽ cho phép khán giả trở lại sân với những quy định nghiêm ngặt /// REUTERS

Stripping away the right to drink beer, enjoy fried chicken and the cheering of Korean baseball fans while watching the country’s most popular sport was unimaginable during the Covid-19 epidemic . However, KBL – Korea’s top baseball tournament, on June 30 had to impose these “unimaginable” restrictions before fans returned to the stadium.

Bóng chày Hàn Quốc cấm CĐV trên sân… ăn uống, hát mừng và cổ vũ!  - ảnh 1

Nearly two months ago, KBL was one of the first tournaments in the world to return to play behind closed doors thanks to South Korea controlling the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. But now a limited audience is expected to be allowed to return to the field in the coming days.
According to the local press, the safety precautions announced by KBO will transform the baseball experience of the Korean audience, who always cheer and sing while dancing regardless of the match. Thanks to the free alcohol and fried chicken.
Following the tournament’s new safety guidelines, spectators will have to sit in one place and wear a mask all the time; Eating while sitting is prohibited, while drinks are limited and non-alcoholic. “Singing, dancing and cheering involving physical contact will be banned because they can spread water droplets. Beer and chicken will still be available at the stadium, but will have to be consumed away from the audience. the radio, in a very hidden part of the yard – and everyone will have to be within 1 meter of each other, ”according to the KBO regulations. will be forced to return.

Bóng chày Hàn Quốc cấm CĐV trên sân… ăn uống, hát mừng và cổ vũ!  - ảnh 2

No cases of Covid-19 infection have been confirmed among athletes or training staff from 10 competing teams to date. The tournament is preparing fans to return despite what the government has warned of a second wave of infection in recent weeks, with about 30 new cases a day, mostly in the Seoul metropolitan area.
Of the 43 new cases reported on June 30 – bringing the total to 12,800 cases in South Korea – 23 people were infected domestically and 20 from abroad.

Japanese baseball team uses robots instead of fans

The COVID-19 epidemic has left most public events, including music and sports events, in the world … unorganized. However, when the epidemic cooled down in many countries, daily life in normal conditions was returning. In Japan, the Nippon Professional Baseball League has officially kicked off.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 1.

However, not many stadiums allow spectators to watch live matches until at least July 10, so the teams have replaced different icons in the stands. For SoftBank Hawks, owned by Japanese tech giant SoftBank, Pepper robots seem to be quite an interesting choice. The robots wear team shirts and look like supportive fans.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 2.
Pepper robots have been introduced in the stands
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 3.
In the audience, Pepper wore a shirt with the symbol of SoftBank Hawks
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 4.
Pepper is one of the popular products of SoftBank
Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 5.

At the same time, fans of Rakuten Eagles, the rival team, watch the game on the big screen but still maintain social distance.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 6.

This robot is also used for a variety of purposes to combat COVID-19 in Japan, including working at hotels where COVID-19 patients are staying.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 7.

Although not attending the match, fans can leave cheerleading messages on the rows.

Đội bóng chày Nhật Bản dùng robot thay cho CĐV - Ảnh 8.

Other teams, such as Orix Buffaloes, put stuffed animals in empty stands.