Korean viewers have been cheering on professional baseball games since July 26

Jul 27, 2020 by Cassandra Mills

The South Korean government has begun allowing spectators to cheer on pro baseball games from July 26, with a 10% limit on seats in the stands.
Thus, after 82 days, ie nearly 3 months of professional baseball matches taking place without spectators from 5/5, this measure has gradually been relaxed.
All cheerleaders and spectators must wear masks, perform physical movements to support the teams instead of chanting slogans. However, tickets were sold out in less than an hour after opening, reflecting the heat of the matches.

Khán giả Hàn Quốc được đến cổ vũ các trận bóng chày chuyên nghiệp từ 26/7

According to the instruction of the translation room, the audience was checked for body temperature, scanned the electronic QR code to confirm personal information at the entrance to the stands. Viewers are also not allowed to bring food into the stands but only eat and drink at designated areas. Couples and families are all seated one seat apart. However, because the public had to queue in a long line to enter the stands, it was difficult for the organizers to keep a distance of 1-2 m between the audience, and it was hard to prevent the audience from shouting at the thrilling minutes. of the match.

Huyền thoại bóng chày Nhật Bản đến Thành phố Mới Bình Dương ...

In addition, starting August 1, professional football matches will start allowing the audience to cheer with a limited scale of 10% of seats in the stands. Professional golf matches will continue to be played without spectators until the end of August, after that, depending on how the COVID-19 translation will consider whether the audience will cheer or not.
The government is expected to gradually allow spectators to cheer on professional sports matches, provided that they strictly adhere to the epidemic prevention principles.