Dramatic baseball world in the 20th century

On the occasion of the 2020 baseball season, readers also have the opportunity to see the classic baseball space throughout the 20th century.

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Sharing the project of coloring the classic baseball photos, artist Mark Truelove said: “Most of these baseball photos belong to the great collection of the Library of Congress, I color them with software. Adobe Photoshop and each image can take from 2 to 10 hours depending on the complexity of the image.

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Mark Truelove began coloring black and white photos in 2012, starting with his own family photos and then moving on to Canadian historical photos. He sees this as a way to learn more about the country’s history after his family moved from Canada to Canada in 2001.

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The coloring of historical photographs helped him carry out a World War I project with the Vimy Foundation and later published a book in 2018, containing more than 100 photos of the war, from an angle. view of canada.

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In 2016, Mark Truelove wanted another challenge and began coloring baseball photos from 1900 to 1930.

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Writing on his personal Twitter page, Truelove said: “I do this mainly because I love the difference of fans … I love all their different expressions and attitudes! I can’t find the exact colors of the Usher team uniforms, if you know what they are, please share them with me. ”

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Parade at home match between NY Giants and Brooklyn Robins at Polo Grounds in New York on April 16, 1918.

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A close-up of competition at Griffith Stadium, Washington DC in 1925.

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An referee in a protective hat in Toronto, Ohio circa 1945.

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Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, circa 1912.

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Boston Red Sox players travel on a street by car in Los Angeles in 1911.