Check out the Tokyo Olympics against COVID measures through baseball matches

Currently, the occupancy rates of sports stadiums in Japan are limited to 50% of their maximum capacity, which is part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

For the test, in October, at three baseball games at the 34,000-seat stadium in Yokohama, which will be used during the Olympics, people will increase capacity by 80%.
Yasutoshi Nishimura, Japan’s Minister of Economic Recovery, who is in charge of dealing with the pandemic, said that if the test is successful, all stadiums that host professional matches will be allowed to increase capacity.

Valuable experience in organizing events during the COVID-19 pandemic

On Thursday at the “Tokyo Dome” stadium, a baseball match between “Yomiuri Giants” and “Hiroshima Karp” took place with 19,000 spectators at the 45-capacity stadium. thousand people. Viewers have their temperature measured before entering the stadium, everywhere disinfectant is arranged. Additionally, all fans must provide their contact information in the event of an infection outbreak.

Tokyo 2020 organizers attended the match. Organizers will have to rely on the effectiveness of the enforcement measures at the Tokyo Dome match to make a decision on whether or not to allow spectators to go to the Olympic venues, Reuters was informed of this.

Female football and baseball player Jacinda Barclay dies: A mystery about a tragedy (Part 1)

We cannot locate clearly, so we call Barclay which sport athlete belongs to. She can do well in three sports including American football, rugby and baseball.

A constantly revolving sports career

The 29-year-old female athlete is believed to have passed away on Monday. Her death shook her teammates competing in the sports she participated in as well as the opponents. The surprise lies in that Barclay is grappling with a mysterious devil that up until now has not been able to identify who or what.
A police spokesman for Western Australia revealed that at 4:35 pm local time, police received information about a woman falling into a state of unconsciousness in an apartment in Chidlow: “The police and the St John’s emergency force were present in Barclay’s apartment and discovered this 29-year-old female athlete had passed away. Her death is not considered in a suspicious condition and a report of the incident will be released soon.

Before retiring, Barclay played 23 times for the Greater Western Sydney Giants Football Club during four seasons. In addition, this female athlete also appeared in the women’s World Cup 5 times in baseball, as well as won the championship title in the first time participating in the Legends Football League of American football.
In a statement issued by the Australian Rugby League, the Barclay family shared: “Barclay is a shining star that shines through the world of sports thanks to love in whatever sport she plays. Although that star has now drifted back to the afterlife, the memories are still like a light to illuminate other female sports athletes in the world to shine, dream big dreams while not forgetting the virtue of humility and pride in herself ”.

Barclay’s sporting life is a revolving journey of different sports, but all with a clear mark. She started playing football at the age of 12 but then focused on baseball in her teenage years. The Western Australia-born female athlete started her baseball career at the age of 15 in the 2006 league, before being called up to the national team a year later.

At the age of 17, Barclay competed for the first time on the world stage and she won a silver medal at the 2010 World Cup. She was a member of the Australian baseball team attending the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 World Cups and 2016. From 2012 to 2016, she shifted her focus more on American football in Australia and the US before playing rugby in her later years. During his time with American football, Barclay’s most memorable achievement was his time with NSW Surge to attend the first American football tournament in Australia, the 2013-14 season and the NSW Surge was the champion.

MLB started to take down small teams

The minor leagues are undergoing a major shock, with the teams out. But it all seems calm for the main office of Portland Sea Dogs. The employees have returned to work (and away from society) at Hadlock Field
We are planning and preparing for the 2021 season as we normally would at this time of year,” said Geoff Iacuessa, president and general manager of Sea Dogs.
Normally, Sea Dogs will schedule a ticket opening date – usually the first Saturday of November. But no sales date has been announced. One reason for that is that no schedules have been made public yet.
Lacuessa said the schedule was not approved until an agreement was reached between the Youth Baseball and the Baseball League – an organization officially known as the National Professional Baseball Association.

However, NAPBL’s days seem to be scheduled. Major League Baseball is slick and take over. On September 29, MLB announced that the Appalachian League – a cutting-edge rookie tournament of 10 teams – would be converted into a summer university tournament with USA Baseball. Minor League Baseball Office was not mentioned in the announcement.
The move is the start of MLB’s mission to reduce the mini league landscape by 25%, from 160 to 120 teams. Other advanced rookie and short-term leagues (including the New York-Penn League, the one with Red Sox’s Lowell Spinners) also seem to be transformed – into either professional or independent leagues.

On September 30, the contract between MLB and Minor League Baseball expires. The small federation office in St. Petersburg, Florida, sent out a press release saying talks continued for a new deal.
Major League Baseball claims that the agency intends to work with the owners of Minor League to develop the game by building a new model. But the negotiations were with the owners, not with Minor League Baseball office.

The baseball game was postponed because the drone dropped to the field

The fans and players who attended the Cubs and Indians match in the American Professional Baseball (MLB) were panicked when they saw the drone appear on the field.

A flycam suddenly appeared at Wrigley Stadium, during a match between the Cubs and Indians in the American professional baseball tournament.

While the two teams were playing on the field, the judges noticed a strange object flying in the air. After that, the organizers specifically identified the above foreign object as a flycam. The match was delayed 7 minutes for security forces to handle the situation.
The fans and players who played on the field were once … alarmed by fear of terror. After many events that happened in America in the past, it is clear that their worries are not superfluous.

The current National Association is not the first merger of Minor League teams; the previous tournament was disbanded by Major League Baseball when the American League directly challenged the National League supremacy. But this tournament was created after the American League declared itself a major tournament. After the National Confederation formally canceled the previous agreement between professional tournaments and minors, representatives from seven minor leagues met at the Leland Hotel Chicago on September 5, 1901 to the establishment of the National Professional Baseball League, which kicked off in 1902. After fighting some ill-fated challengers and the remaining verbal bash that won’t happen now – like insistence insists from super leagues like the American Association that they get more votes to prevent a coalition of small market teams from making undesirable changes – the National Association becomes the center of the League Baseball Minor .
It’s a system that serves both the MLB and the MiLB well, delivering stability in a sport that attracts more than the proportion of cunning operators. When MiLB felt burdened by the demographic change and the rise of television in the 1950s, the MLB faced the challenge. When the MLB sought local help in the political challenges of its player pay structure, MiLB holders gave assistance.

Sexy Korean singer dating baseball player over 23 years old

On June 26, Korean media reported that former CSJH member Grace Stephanie Kim is dating a former American baseball player. According to the source, the singer’s boyfriend is a famous baseball player, Brady Anderson.

Stephanie and Brady Anderson first met in 2012. At this time, former CSJH members are working at the Los Angeles ballet troupe. The two maintained a friendship for 8 years and only just went into love earlier this year.

The information quickly attracted the attention and mixed opinions of the Korean audience. The reason for conflicting opinions comes from the age gap between the female singer and her boyfriend. Stephanie Kim was born in 1987, meanwhile, Brady Anderson was born in 1964. The two are 23 years apart – the gap is too great according to Korean cultural conception. Additionally, Anderson never married but had a 16-year-old stepdaughter. “Why would a beautiful person like Stephanie choose to date someone worthy of her father’s age?”, “23 years apart, so shocking”, “Brady Anderson is at an age where he can be promoted.” , “I hope this is not the case of a rich white man playing with the affection of a young Asian girl”, “They have been friends for eight years before deciding to fall in love. I really hope Stephanie be happy “… is some comments from Korean netizens.

Not only did she sing well, Stephanie danced well. The female idol studied ballet in the US since a young age, was invited to join the Boston ballet troupe. Her management company gave her the stage name “Thien Vu” because of her impression of her dancing skills. During the peak of her career in 2005-2007, the 33-year-old singer was named “the sexiest female beauty showbiz”. In 2010, CSJH The Grace suspended operations due to Stephanie injury. Two years later, she debuted as a solo singer and continued to pursue a sexy image.

Explain the saying “there is no tears in baseball” by Tom Hanks

Actor Tom Hanks shared a photo of him and his wife, along with a message to the fans: “I want to thank everyone here, they are taking good care of me and my wife. We have Covid-19 and are in quarantine so that we do not spread the disease to others.

“We are dealing with this calmly. There are things that each of us can do to get around this, like following the advice of medical experts, taking care of the health of ourselves and our loved ones, right?
“Remember, in spite of all the turmoil going on,” there are no tears in baseball. ” Thanks!”.
The sentence “No tears in baseball” is a line of Tom Hanks in the movie “A League of Their Own” (Women’s Baseball – 1992).

In the film, the character coach Jimmy Dugan played by Tom Hanks said this to a female athlete he coached when she cried because she could not stand his criticism.
Later, this saying is used in many different situations in daily life, people can replace “baseball” with other phrases appropriate to their situation. When a person uses this statement, it means that they want to emphasize strong, steady.

Currently, and actor Tom Hanks are being treated at Gold Coast University Hospital. On the social network account of actress – singer Rita Wilson, she shared that the wishes of luck from fans “carry a lot of meaning and make us stronger”.
She also shared the photo that her husband used to post, and sent a message: “A little more update to you from Tom Hanks and me. Thank you very much for your prayers, for your love and for your support. These things mean a lot and make us stronger ”.
In response to the Tom Hanks couple’s posts, many Hollywood stars sent their good prayers to them. On Instagram Stories, Rita Wilson also shared about how she continued to paint with water colors and compose songs while in the quarantine hospital.

She also shared some of the songs she included in her playlist to listen to during this period – the treatment isolation days.
Tom Hanks – the actor of movies such as “Forrest Gump“, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Cast Away” – together with his wife expressed optimism, calmness and self-control. This style is also associated with his public image.

Rescue the mother of a kidnapped American baseball star

Ms. Ana Soto (72 years old) was kidnapped on Thursday August 8 in her hometown of Maracaibo, western Venezuela. According to the initial investigation, while talking to neighbors in the workers’ neighborhood, Mrs. Soto was dragged into the car by a group of men driving a truck and then drove away. According to Soto, at that time her son, Elias Diaz, had just left about 15 minutes after returning to visit his mother before returning to Florida for spring training. After learning the bad news, Diaz declares to accept all the conditions as long as her mother is safe.

The special forces tracked down the tracks and found Ms. Soto held in the home of a police officer, not far from the city. The examination results at a nearby hospital showed that Ms. Soto’s health was good. Mr. Douglas Rico, who is in charge of the police investigation force of Venezuela, posted on Twitter a picture of Soto being fed and drunk after being successfully rescued. Mr. Rico also revealed that the family did not lose any of the ransom.

Six people (5 of whom are Zulia state police officers) were arrested for their involvement in Soto’s kidnapping. It is worth mentioning that one of the police officers arrested was Ms. Soto’s neighbor. These people had”provided all necessary information” to conduct the abduction above.

Sports stars with good salaries are always the target of lucrative kidnapping in Venezuela and South American countries. So the MLB football teams regularly warn Venezuelan athletes to be cautious when returning home because sports stars and their relatives are always a favorite target of kidnappers.

In 2011, Wilson Ramos – who captured the ball for the Washington Nationals Club, was kidnapped while visiting his family in the city of Valencia (Venezuela). A few days later, the athlete was rescued by security forces from his high mountain confinement. Last year, baseball player Juan Manaure’s 15-year-old son was kidnapped and killed during Manaure’s Christmas vacation in his hometown.

Kidnapping in Venezuela has skyrocketed over the years as the economic crisis in the country has worsened. The State Department has also issued warnings that cross-border violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking and smuggling are frequent in the state of Zulia, where Ms. Soto is kidnapped, as well as in Tachira and Apure.

The baseball legend owns a valuable car collection

Former 71-year-old Reggie Jackson- a famous baseball sportsman, who likes to collect antique cars, has a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 worth £ 20 million.

The American baseball legend is the owner of about 100 antique cars, but a massive fire in 2013 destroyed 35 cars worth two million pounds. The 71-year-old still has many other antique cars, most of which are from Chevrolet (about 50) and regularly participate in auctions to buy more. Reggie Jackson has 25 cars at the main villa in Seaside, California, 6 at another home in Carmel and 25 at Monterey Airport. The Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 in his collection costs up to 20 million pounds. It is estimated that the total value of the 71-year-old veterans cars is about £ 50 million, topping the list of sports stars with respectable car collections according to The Sun.

Ranked second on the list is a familiar and cult name, former boxer Floyd Mayweather with a car collection worth £ 8 million. ‘Lonely alone’ owns one of the largest supercars in the world. The 40-year-old has a collection of white Miami cars and black cars in Las Vegas.

The most expensive car in Mayweather’s garage was the Koenigsegg Trevita bought for £ 2.7 million. However, in August, Mayweather had to sell this rare car for two million pounds at an auction to pay taxes. However, the heavyweight boxing champion still has a few Rolls-Royce’s, Ferrari and Bugatti, other super luxury cars.

In 2015, Mayweather made people ‘squint’ when showing off eight supercars worth 4.5 million pounds. These including three Bugatti Veyron (each worth more than one million pounds) and a private jet of 1.5 million pounds.

With a car collection worth 6 million pounds, Jenson Button is the third. He is also the British athlete with the highest ranking. The 2009 F1 champion is worth more than £ 100 million and he also has a hobby of luxury cars. Button owns a Bugatti Veyron (£ 1.1 million), a McLaren P1 (£ 1.9 million – pictured) and several Ferrari cars including a £ 1 million Enzo Ferrari.

A baseball player is hospitalized in an emergency after being hit by a ball

The unfortunate situation took place in the baseball match between Toronto Blue and Philadelphia Phillies held on August 20. In a defensive phase, Jose Alvarez (Phillies) was unfortunately hit by the ball flying at 170 km / h.
The 31-year-old still struggled to pick up the ball and throw it back to a teammate before lying down on the pitch painfully. “This is a scene none of us want to see,” said the match commentator.

The medical team quickly stepped in. Alvarez was then taken to hospital in an ambulance. A few hours ago, the Venezuelan athlete made the audience reassured by the latest update on his personal page.
“The ball hit my sensitive part. It felt hard to act at the time. But right now, I am a lot better. Hope, things are back to normal in a few days.” According to British media, Alvarez is considering wearing protective gear when he returns.

On the social network, many fans send their best wishes to Alvarez. Others also expressed their admiration when they saw Alvarez ignore the pain to help the home team not lose points.
Unfortunately for Alvarez, Philadelphia Phillies lost to their opponents with a narrow score of 3-2 in the last match.

Robots replace people from craft to intelligence

Robots once used to replace unskilled workers, now threaten office workers, telephone operators, or control quality.
When looking at some hotels in the US these days, you’ll be greeted by a butler robot in the lobby and serving daily necessities. Even the website of Savioke, the company that designs the butler robot, noted “No Tipping”. Another robot can pave more than 3,000 bricks in an 8-hour shift, 10 times the amount a person can make. Robots can also sow seeds and harvest crops, separate bones and meat in slaughterhouses, and pack food in processing facilities.

Robot quản gia Jarvis đang được sử dụng tại khách sạn Grand Hotel, California. Ảnh: Time.

The more the development, the more automation turns the factory into a place without people. In 1964, America’s most valuable company, AT&T, owned 758,611 employees. Today, Apple has only 137,000 employees and is still among the number one.
The US government encourages companies to implement automation by reducing taxes on machines and software. If a business paid $ 100 to an employee, they would have to pay $ 30 in taxes. If they use this $ 100 to buy automation equipment, they will pay only $ 3 in tax. The 2017 US Tax Cut and Employment Act reduced the tax on purchases to the point where “you can make money buying equipment.”
In the field of artificial intelligence, many seemingly irreplaceable jobs are witnessing the rise of machines. JPMorgan finance company said it is implementing an AI system to review commercial loan agreements. The complex work that requires about 360,000 hours a year of lawyers is completed by AI in seconds.
Last May, Microsoft suffered a severe ad revenue deficit at the MSN and Microsoft News platforms. It immediately fired many journalists and used AI to scan and process news. In the same move, media group iHeartMedia has also quit a series of DJs to take advantage of its AI technology.
AI is also becoming a potential option for companies during an outbreak. Many recycling facilities in the US have laid off many employees to use artificial intelligence robots to sort plastic, paper and glass. AMP Robotics, the company that makes these robots, says customer inquiries have increased at least fivefold between March and June. Last year, only 35 recycling facilities were using AMP Robotics, but it is expected. by the end of 2020, this number will reach nearly 100.

Watson Assistant là công cụ AI của IBM, dùng để xây dựng giao diện đàm thoại trên các ứng dụng và thiết bị.

Pokorny has been using IBM’s Watson Assistant free trial since the early days of the pandemic. The AI-powered software allows the chat to be set up, answering questions from citizens, such as whether the National Baseball Hall in Cooperstown has reopened. Now, Watson can answer 75% of the questions people ask. According to Pokorny, each conversation costs only $ 0.01 for the Otsego district. Although the county currently only uses AI for online messaging, it plans to deploy a Watson virtual assistant to answer phone calls in the near future.
According to the National Association of Information Directors, there are currently about 36 states in the US that have deployed chatbots to answer questions about pandemic and government services.