What Michael Jordan did with baseball during his first retirement

There was a time when 18 months away from peak basketball to compete in baseball, many orange ball fans were curious whether Michael Jordan would succeed in this field. Imagine that someday, great football players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, after great successes in their careers, suddenly said goodbye to the ball because it […]

The Korean baseball tournament uses ‘artwork’ instead of the audience

Since spectators were not allowed to go to the stadium, some clubs tried to ‘fill’ the empty seats in the stands.On 5/5, the annual Korean professional baseball tournament (KBO League) kicked off with 5 matches between 10 teams, starting at 14h (local time). This season is scheduled to open on March 28 but has been […]

American sports lost at least $ 12 billion due to the Covid-19 pandemic

American sports will lose at least $ 12 billion in revenue due to suspension from the Covid-19 pandemic, even if the top professional leagues are canceled, according to ESPN. The level of business damage analysis is only an estimate for corporate sports tournaments in the US and does not include outdoor recreation, bookies or golf, […]