Banned for life, model Julia Rose “challenges” the American professional baseball tournament

Aug 10, 2020 by Cassandra Mills

Last November, Julia Rose and her friend Lauren Summer were banned from the field by the American professional baseball tournament (MLB), due to two beauties showing their bare breasts while watching the Washington Nationals match against the Houston Astros.

Hai người mẫu Julia Rose và Lauren Summer tuyên bố sẽ trở lại sân bất chấp lệnh cấm suốt đời của MLB /// Chụp màn hình

Julia Rose, a 26-year-old American model, then wrote on social media Twitter explaining her actions are for wanting to raise awareness against women’s breast cancer.
Therefore, she reacted strongly to the MLB organizers’ penalty which was an “incriminating” act and was very severe, being banned from the field for life.
However, MLB officials said that Julia Rose and Lauren Summer violated the rules of conduct of fans when watching baseball, or sports tournaments.
In addition, exposing the body in public is a lack of standards, as well as intended to promote for private purposes.
MLB then issued a ban on the beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer from all competitions, training, and events of MLB for life.
Regardless, the MLB system tournament is currently delayed due to the Covid-19 translation and will resume in November, two beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer have announced that they will return to the courts if they give. audience back.

Bị cấm suốt đời, người mẫu Julia Rose

Julia Rose said she acted for the sake of the community and for women to raise awareness against breast cancer, so she defied the unreasonable ban by the MLB.
Also thanks to the shocking incident at the World Series 2019 in MLB’s system, Julia Rose is now very famous on the social network Instagram has more than 4.7 million followers.
Similarly, model Lauren Summer, who took pictures for Playboy magazine, increased her followers from 1.5 million to 2.5 million.

Bị cấm suốt đời, người mẫu Julia Rose

Both the beautiful Julia Rose and Lauren Summer are currently in isolation because the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in the US, and have just “entertained” their fans with a set of hot photos, with a statement challenging the sentence. MLB penalty and will return to the court when authorized.