A baseball player is hospitalized in an emergency after being hit by a ball

Sep 1, 2020 by Cassandra Mills

The unfortunate situation took place in the baseball match between Toronto Blue and Philadelphia Phillies held on August 20. In a defensive phase, Jose Alvarez (Phillies) was unfortunately hit by the ball flying at 170 km / h.
The 31-year-old still struggled to pick up the ball and throw it back to a teammate before lying down on the pitch painfully. “This is a scene none of us want to see,” said the match commentator.

The medical team quickly stepped in. Alvarez was then taken to hospital in an ambulance. A few hours ago, the Venezuelan athlete made the audience reassured by the latest update on his personal page.
“The ball hit my sensitive part. It felt hard to act at the time. But right now, I am a lot better. Hope, things are back to normal in a few days.” According to British media, Alvarez is considering wearing protective gear when he returns.

On the social network, many fans send their best wishes to Alvarez. Others also expressed their admiration when they saw Alvarez ignore the pain to help the home team not lose points.
Unfortunately for Alvarez, Philadelphia Phillies lost to their opponents with a narrow score of 3-2 in the last match.