Like the general trend of the world, teammates’ clubs such as football, soccer, baseball and basketball still became famous team. Compared to last year, the clubs all had a slight decrease in value, the Dallas American rugby club Cowboys still maintained the No. 1 position but decreased -0.8 billion USD.

Compared to last year’s rankings, football’s second place (MU club) spectacularly won by the New York Yankees baseball club. Thus, the two leading positions belong to American football and baseball clubs. Soccer and sport King only ranked third, last season Real failed to play, the club’s value dropped 0.6 billion USD but still secured them 3rd place.

Taking the first place is the Dallas Cowboys football team of famous owner Jerry Jones with a value of $ 4 billion. The American baseball team New York Yankees of the Steinbrenner family is second with $ 3.7 billion. The two giants of Spanish football, Real Madrid (£ 3.4 billion) and Barcelona (worth £ 3.23 billion) are honored to be in the top 10 with third and fourth place respectively.

In the past season, MU did not win any titles. They did not even win tickets to the Champions League, and Manchester United of the Glazers only finished sixth in the Premier League.

According to Forbes, the value of MU at this time is about 3.06 billion pounds. They have fallen from 2nd to 6th in the ranking of the most expensive sports teams in the world.

The remaining teams in the top 10 are all sports clubs in the US. Meanwhile, the top 50 also saw only 5 more soccer teams. Bayern Munich ranked 17th with 2.43 billion pounds. Man City ranked 25th (£ 2.16 billion), Chelsea ranked 32nd (£ 2.08 billion), Arsenal ranked 42nd (£ 1.82 billion) and Liverpool ranked 45 (£ 1.75 billion). The main reason is due to the rapidly increasing player prices in the transfer market.